Munitions Response

From environmental assessments and remediation of impaired properties to restoring munitions contaminated sites on federal facilities, DAWSON has demonstrated experience to achieve your regulatory or compliance driven goals through site closure.

Using our integrated environmental, munitions response, and construction capabilities, DAWSON works with our federal and commercial customers to develop cost effective and performance based solutions to:


  • Restore UXO impacted sites to usable condition thru the Military Munitions Response Program.
  • Employ innovative robotics technology to safely remediate UXO-impacted sites.
  • Perform emergency response services to time-critical situations.
  • Develop and implement range management plans, including maintenance and construction of range facilities.
  • Perform site assessments through remediation to restore impacted land to a usable state.
  • Negotiate reasonable and responsible site closure objectives with regulatory agencies.
Munitions Response Projects
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