Fuels Construction

DAWSON provides safe and cost-efficient solutions to maintain operational capability for our federal clients’ fuel facilities and infrastructure.

With offices throughout the United States and Pacific Rim, proven self-performance capabilities, and demonstrated project success, DAWSON offers our clients a cost-efficient option to achieving their fuel facility and infrastructure mission.  Our integrated service offering includes engineering/planning, operations/maintenance, and construction on fuel facilities and infrastructure to maintain operational capability, mission readiness, and environmental compliance.

Engineering & Planning

Our comprehensive fuel systems technical services include:
• API 570 and 653 inspection and assessment
• Life-cycle planning
• Engineering assessment/design
• Engineering compliance
• Construction oversight
• Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS)
• On-site Contractor Quality Assurance

Operation & Maintenance

O&M self-performance capabilities span system requirements:
• Operational assessment, calibration, and optimization
• Preventive and routing maintenance optimization
• Facility operations
• Spill response
• Equipment repair and replacement
• Tracking of work orders completed by facility number
• Real property inventory


Key features of our construction capabilities include:
• API certified professionals
• Maximized self performance
• Established planning and management processes
• EM 385-compliant safety program
• CQM-based quality processes
• National accounts with equipment vendors and specialty subs
• Financially stable firm with strong bonding capabilities

Our Value Propositions

Native Hawaiian Organization certified 8(a)
• Exempt from 8(a) sole source ceiling
• Directed Awards are not subject to protest
• Meet disadvantage business procurement requirements

Experienced DoD Fuels Contractor
• SRM/Minor construction
• O&M and environmental services
• Emergency response and repair

Integrated Approach to Self-Performance
• Civil infrastructure
• Mechanical and electrical systems
• System commissioning

Qualified Personnel
• Engineer/API certified professionals
• Certified welders
• Certified Fuels Construction Quality Managers
• Seasoned fuels professionals with proven DoD construction experience

Fuels Projects
Global Headquarters

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