Location: Atlanta, GA

Client: USACE Savannah District

Scope: In support of USACE Savannah District, this project requires implementation of remedial actions in the area of former USTs at the Former NAS Atlanta. Five USTs were closed in 1993, which were formerly used to store up to 25,000 gallons of aviation fuel each. Free product was discovered in two monitoring wells and the light non-aqueous phase liquid plume was further delineated in 2014. DAWSON is responsible for project management, and HDR is serving as our team subcontractor responsible for conducting risk assessments and providing support on site-specific plans and technical reports. We are finalizing the Draft-Final Corrective Action Plan Part B Addendum based upon comments received by GA EPD; preparing project plans, the Remedial Action Work Plan, UFP-QAPP, APP, and SSHP; coordinating and facilitating meetings; field oversight; and implementing corrective actions.