Location: Turner AFB, GA

Client:  USACE Savannah District

Scope:  In support of USACE Savannah District, the Turner AFB task order is purely HTRW for 5 separate chlorinated solvent sites and is a very extensive field program installing groundwater monitoring wells, gauging/removing DNAPL.  WP, SSHP/APP, UFP-QAPP, CRP, GIS, RI/FS, Proposed Plan, Decision Document, Project Management Plan (PMP).  ZAPATA and HDR provide various support. We were tasked with conducting groundwater sampling from five chlorinated solvent sites to determine the nature and extent of CVOC contamination and the effectiveness of existing remedies. The scope of this project requires acceptance of a DD in compliance with CERCLA, DoD, Department of Army, and USACE regulations and guidance. The property is contaminated with chlorinated solvents and petroleum/free product in the groundwater. As the prime, we are responsible for project management, coordinating and facilitating TPP meetings, and preparing project plans, the RI/FS WP, UFP-QAPP, APP, SSHP, and CRP.