Photos: Hawaiian Islands Land Trust

We’re excited to share that DAWSON is part of a Hawaii community movement to support the perpetual conservation of Hakipu‘u Lo‘i Kalo. These kalo (taro) patches on O‘ahu’s windward side have been in cultivation for centuries and carry forward a vital Native Hawaiian cultural legacy. We recently donated $5,000 in seed funding to support nonprofit Hō‘ala ‘Āina Kūpono in their initial stewardship and educational programming at the lo‘i. Mahalo to Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, The Trust For Public Land, Hō‘ala ‘Āina Kūpono, Hakipu‘u families, and numerous community donors, all of whom laid the groundwork and raised the funds to place this land in conservation for future generations.

Located on the Hawaiian island of O‘ahu in Kahana Valley, the Hakipu‘u Lo‘i Kalo is a 1.5 acre parcel of land adjacent to Moli‘i fishpond and Kāne‘ohe Bay and will be cared for by Hō‘ala ‘Āina Kūpono in partnership with ancestral descendants of the land. This area of Hakipu‘u has cultural significance as the home of the navigator Kaha‘i. This storied voyaging lineage has been recognized by sailing vessels for centuries; in modern times, Hakipu‘u was the first launching point of Hōkūle‘a in 1975 and was also the launching point for the canoe’s Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage in 2012.