This last month, the Huntsville office had the privilege of teaming with a local art studio, InsideOut. InsideOut’s mission is to promote interaction between people with special needs and members of the community, through art. InsideOut provides a safe space for their clients to create and exercise their artistic abilities through various mediums. Because their clients face unique challenges that often disallow them to earn income, InsideOut supports them by providing supplies and space to create, as well as selling their art pieces in their in-house gallery and other public venues.

On October 19th, InsideOut hosted their first annual fashion show, Fashion Inside Out. The runway featured ensembles created and modeled by their own artists. The InsideOut artists also had the chance to model fabulous, wearable art designs by local fashion designers. The event served as a unique way to raise funds for the studio, sell the artists’ pieces, and increase awareness in the community.