The DAWSON Huntsville office was privileged to assist Manna House this past June. Manna House is a public charity has provided food assistance to those in need since 2004. They serve hot meals and daily provisions to nearly three hundred people three nights per week. Beyond the nightly food distribution, Manna House also offers the following: P.E.R.K.S. (Personal Emergency Resources for Kids in School), Mom-to-Mom program which provides diapers, wipes, clothing, equipment and lots of love to expectant mothers, new moms, and pre-school moms, and Fields of Green, a 15,000 sq/ft indoor hydroponic garden producing fresh, crisp, flavorful lettuce.

The garden now raises six different varieties of fresh lettuce, and Manna House can produce 21,000 heads of lettuce in a month’s time. They donate 10% of the garden’s monthly lettuce harvest to other ministries and non-profits, and they hand out a portion at the Manna House location. About 50% of the remaining harvest is sold to local caterers and restaurants. The proceeds from these sales allow Manna House to buy and distribute approximately 28-30 pallets of groceries for families each week.

On Saturday, June 15th the Huntsville office (along with some amazing spouses) volunteered at Fields of Green. Costco donated a pergola to give Manna House an easily identifiable location for distribution at their new facility. We were also tasked with planting some azaleas and pulling out weeds to clean up their front entrance for a more welcoming vibe.

On Thursday, June 20th our office spent the day at Manna House cleaning out and organizing their walk-in cooler, freezer, and some additional storage areas. Afterwards, we stopped by Sam’s Club and bought some much-needed supplies for distribution night along with snacks and other foods for their backpack program.