Kūpono Ka Hana

Excellence In Service

DAWSON is a Native Hawaiian-owned business enterprise with operations worldwide.
Since 2004, the DAWSON family of companies has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense and other U.S. Government agencies.


Through the community impact work of our parent company, the Hawaiian Native Corporation (HNC), we carry forward a commitment to principally benefit the Native Hawaiian community. Check out our latest impact initiatives:

DAWSON Donates $5,000 for stewardship of Hakipu‘u Lo‘i Kalo

DAWSON Donates $5,000 for stewardship of Hakipu‘u Lo‘i Kalo

We’re excited to share that DAWSON is part of a Hawaii community movement to support the perpetual conservation of Hakipu‘u Lo‘i Kalo. These kalo (taro) patches on O‘ahu's windward side have been in cultivation for centuries and carry forward a vital Native Hawaiian...

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From our ‘ohana to yours, have a great start to the new year!

As part of DAWSON’s Heritage Week celebration and 25th anniversary last year, our company participated in a recipe round-up for our very own cookbook, featuring appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts — all from our very own ‘ohana!  The entries were so wonderfully diverse and it was time to shine for many of our in-house culinary masters.

We are making this labor of love publicly available to anyone who would enjoy it.  This beautiful 25th Anniversary DAWSON cookbook, Cooking with ‘Ohana, is itself a woven tapestry of diverse cultures that celebrates the unique fabric of our global ‘ohana.

Kūpono Ka Hana

Excellence in Service

We are a Native Hawaiian Organization 8(a) small business with more than 25 years of experience providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients across the globe.


Our Quality Management System ideology is to achieve predictable results on a consistent and recurring basis.


Aloha (sharing of life) is how DAWSON does life together. Foundational to our Native Hawaiian culture, it is the common spirit that binds our ‘ohana and aligns us around treating our employees, families, and partners with trust, understanding, and compassion. We strive to live aloha every day and are committed to spreading aloha to every community in which we work.


Top Talent

We maintain a commitment to hiring and retaining best-in-class employees.

Proven Management

Our quality company infrastructure ensures our ability to respond to the world’s emerging needs.

Global Reach

Strategically situated offices and partners position us to serve our customers across the globe.
Global Headquarters

900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 1850 Honolulu, HI 96813 | Phone: 808.536.5500