Test and Evaluation

At DAWSON we have a long history of providing test and evaluation planning, execution, data collection, analysis, and reporting of new technologies in support of our clients and warfighters.  Our corporate leaders have directly supported Congressional Test and Evaluation Agencies, conducted acquisition testing and testified to Congressional Oversight Committees.  Teaming with our strategic test partners, we have supported numerous technology fielding decisions.

We continually evolve our test processes, procedures, technologies and tools. This enables us to provide rapid quality and refined methodologies that can be adapted to our clients changing needs. It also allows us to accomplish program tasks within client-identified budget and time constraints.

Our processes encompass all aspects of test and evaluation, including the following:

  • Mission task-based determination of technical performance
  • Continual, simultaneous, functional performance and operational utility testing
    • Integrating off-the-shelf capabilities for immediate employment
    • Integrated testing within each developmental/operational step of formal system acquisition requirements
  • Iterative tests and reports from program inception to fielding
    • Dedicated subject matter experts
    • Continual validation of capability changes
  • Segmented testing to enable component, system, and system-of-system level performance and functional validation

Examples of current projects include:

Knowledge Based Services (KBS) at Fort Huachuca.  New Systems Training and Integration Directorate

Scope: Test Support Services. DAWSON provided technical input to lifecycle acquisition, acquisition strategy for training products and processes for Army Modernization. Test support including performing technology assessments and developing test requirements documentation and evaluating test data. DAWSON also serves as the SME for development and quality assurance services for test documents including Training Test Support Packages (TTSP), and Operational Test Readiness Reviews (OTRR). We support IPTs for Network Integration Evaluations (NIE) and prepare After Action Reviews (AARs) for Government approval. Additionally, we identify deficiencies and discrepancies found in Test and Evaluation Master Plans, Training Test Support Packages and Training Certification Plans.

Global Headquarters

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