This DAWSON Impact project effects the 900 children and their families that attend Fort Sam Elementary every year.  Over the course of 5 years, roughly 4,500 students will go through the school & be able to play on, learn from, and be proud of their playground.  Many of the parents find it difficult to give their child stability that strains the parents’ relationships with their children.  If we can help alleviate that stress even a little by providing them with a means for their children to play with & bond quickly with other children – give them a year of positive playground memories, then we’ve succeeded.

We took a 20 year old school bus and removed all the seats, engine, fluids, etc. We cleaned it and dug footers. Texas Crane Services lifted the bus and placed it on our cement footers. We then created a border around the bus with mulch, crushed granite, and turf. We built a deck and ramp for easy access.  We transformed the interior into a motor skills gymnastics space. We purchased a shed for them, and outdoor science/nature items for the playground.

Ambassadors: Jake McMindes, Keri McAfferty, Nick Breyer, & Stacy Dollar
No. of DAWSON Employees: 25
Total hours: 200 hours to date