The Harris Home for Children has 25 teenage boys living in the 4,000 square foot dorm at any given time.  Harris Home provides children of Alabama with educational services, therapeutic care, but most importantly full-time foster care to neglected and dependent adolescent males and females who are in the care of the state. It was founded in 1954 and has served thousands of foster children.

The flooring was previously 10+ year old carpet that was riddled with germs. The boys were getting sick often. This new laminate flooring will help for years to come! In just 5 years, roughly 125 young boys will have lived in that space – made more sanitary by DAWSON.

We focused on their dormitories for the twenty-five teenage boys ranging in age from 12-18. The dorm had over 4,000 sq ft of worn carpet that was over 15 years old. The carpet was an incubator of mold and bacteria that was causing illnesses with the youth. We removed the carpet, cleaned the plywood underneath of debris and nails thoroughly, and laid down the durable laminate waterproof flooring which neutralized health concerns.

Impact Ambassadors: Nicole Kopp & Senja Algiers
No. of DAWSON Employees: 9
Total hours: 152 hours