The DAWSON team of Hawaii had a positive impact on the current and future elderly residents of the Lunalilo Home, and other elderly living in their own homes who received hot meals prepared and delivered by Lunalilo Home.  We provided the following services:

• Provided nine planter boxes for growing nutritious produce for the kupuna (elderly) of Lunalilo Home as well as the hot meals they prepare to deliver to the at-home elderly. The boxes were elevated so that the kupuna do not have to bend too low, allowing them to actively participate in the cultivating of the garden.
• Irrigation was installed to water the plants.
• Ti leaf plants were planted along the length of the chain link fence. These can be used in preparation of native Hawaiian foods.
• Provided a catered lunch for the elderly.

Thoughtful service is the epitome of the DAWSON Honolulu office; excellence indeed!  The home’s garden will be something that hundreds of both current and future generations will enjoy!

Ambassadors: Donnie Torres & Derek Mar
No. of DAWSON Employees: 28
Total hours: 115 hours