The DAWSON Impact team at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring adopted a road for our National Day of Service activity.  We adopted Brookeville road which is located outside of the Forest Glen annex gate.  Over the course of about 2 hours we worked in two teams and collected nine bags of trash/debris, two bags of recycling, and two tires along the span of a 0.8 mile stretch of road.  We had twelve volunteers total with six DAWSON employees, two subcontractors, ARP Sciences LLC, and four non-DAWSON employees.  Adopting Brookeville Road for the next year has impacted the local community that includes area businesses, homes, schools and the Forest Glen annex.  Hundreds of individuals use the road during the week, with several hundred employed at the Forest Glen campus.  This event allowed us to clean the local environment, improve the beauty of the area but also allowed the DAWSON team at NMHM to have an excellent team-building event.

Ambassador: Gwen Nelmes
No. of DAWSON Employees: 6
Total hours: 12 hours