A week ago yesterday, 12 members of our DAWSON ‘Ohana descended upon our host community of Honolulu to embark on a journey that not many, if any, saw coming. A week that feels like a month…a week that transforms individuals into an interdependent family…a week that is Aspire Kickoff 2018! Aspire is the DAWSON leadership program that serves to foster the development of the next generation of DAWSON leaders.

It all starts with a week in our host community of Hawaii where the Mentor team, inclusive of senior managers and prior Aspire graduates, facilitate a series of daily activities that link key leadership principles with traditional Hawaiian values. Through the thoughtful intersection of principles and values, and long 18-hour days, the Aspire 2018 team is equipped for their next phase of their leadership development journey – one that will continue through September 2018 and will benefit them, and DAWSON, for generations to come. Pictured here is the 2018 Class of Aspire during a visit to the Dawson family home where they had the privilege and honor of visiting with the matriarch of the DAWSON ‘Ohana, Beadie Kanahele Dawson (front row middle).

The 2018 Class, self-named the “Nalu’s” are pictured here (left to right) – Brendon Loucks, Stacy Dollar, Shayne Jenkins, Loren Casale, Chris Foglesong, Todd French, Emily English, Constance McNally, Sarah Stewart, Kerry Anderson, Deanna Moore, and Troy Hile.